May 19, 2005: 9:00 PM

Information and research on this page compiled by Richard Hamilton.
Photographs courtesy of Spancake's Studio

Michael Blaisdell
Doubles and HAA Champion


Clay Floyd
Singles Champion


Jason Holdren
 Handicap Champion

Philip Pfeifer
 Shriners Handicap Champion

Kory Shissler wins 8 sub-junior awards. Michael Blaisdell breaks 200 to win Singles title. Virginia Hall of Famer Clay Floyd Doubles champ.
Kay Ohye takes HOA

Jason Holdren wins Handicap crown with 97x100 and no shootoff.  Record 500,000 targets thrown in three day fiesta. 

The PSSA threw 509,200 targets to set a shoot record as gunners from all over the eastern seaboard converged on Elysburg for this prestigious early season classic. Clay Floyd (4 trophies) won his first Keystone Open singles title with 200 straight, sending Michael Blaisdell and Bob Wagner scrambling for other trophies. All shot 200's. Blaisdell won the HAA. Stephanie Sander won her second straight ladies Singles title with a 198x200.  
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Kory Shissler
Winner of 8 Sub-Junior Awards

Kate Anderson
High Lady, May Singles