December 28, 2004
Updated: January 20, 2005

Information and research on this page compiled by Richard Hamilton.
Photographs courtesy of Spancake's Studio

 Pennsylvania has fourteen 2005
ATA All Americans....

Stephanie Sandler first team ladies selection. Harold Kiser
selected for 9th time, Mel Krepps for 5th time. Teams
expanded in 2005 with second teams in all categories.

The 2005 ATA All American Teams have been announced and the Keystone State has 14 gunners who earned their way on to the teams, a Pennsylvania record.

Steve Huber earned second team Men's selections while Stephanie Sandler earned a first team women's selection for the second year in a row. earned his second straight Vet selection while Mel Krepps made the first team Senior Vet team. Harold Kiser was selected to his 9th All American team including 5 Senior Vet and 4 Vet selections. Robert LeFever made his initial selection, earning a second team Vet spot while Jack Deisher was selected to the Senior Vet second team, his first also. Bryce Gearhart made the team for the first time, a first team Sub Junior award. Dennis Spancake also made his initial All American selection, a first team Vet award. Cory Natcher and Kory Shissler earned their first selections to the second team Sub Junior. Daniel Delong (Junior first team) and Jack Aldridge (Junior second team) round out the 14 Pennsylvania team selections. Timothy Doyle was selected to the PVA Team.