Pennsylvania Trapshooting Hall of Fame

Where Legends Reside.

Trapshooting Starts in Pennsylvania

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This 1908 political pin was worn by Reading delegates
at the 1907 PSSA meeting to decide where the 
state shoot would be awarded. Unfortunately for
Reading, the delegates voted for the Bradford
Gun Club. Reading would get the shoot the next year.
The pin back is about the size of a silver dollar.

A very rare Tribune clay target
Manufactured in Erie, PA in 1880's


Ken Darroch

Tom Burkey
Vice President

Mike Schuler

Bert Schoonover

Glenn Lash
ATA Delegate


How did the PSSA Pennsylvania Trapshooting Hall of Fame begin?

The Pennsylvania Trapshooting Hall of Fame came into existence in June, 1987, when the PSSA Board of Directors established the HOF. It was at the 1986 PSSA Eastern Zone Shoot at Reading when Richard Hamilton approached PSSA president Elwood "Woody" Brown, asking him if the PSSA would establish a trapshooting Hall of Fame. Brown agreed. Woody had been stashing a small amount of PSSA funds for several years, hoping to find someone to establish the HOF which was to be placed in the ladies lounge in the PSSA clubhouse at Elysburg. In 1987 Brown appointed and the PSSA Board of Directors approved Hamilton as the first HOF director.

Hamilton (right) went to the Grand American in 1987 and spent the entire week in the ATA Hall of Fame research room compiling all the PSSA shooting records back to 1892. Because of a back injury, he was unable to shoot that week so it was off to the ATA Hall of Fame research room at 8:00 AM every day.

These records became the foundation for the Hall of Fame. Hamilton continued, until this day, to research Pennsylvania trapshooting. He expand his research to include the Eastern Zone, Marshall Marathon, Westy Hogans, the Golden West and the NYAC tournaments. He published a book in 1997 on the history of the PSSA. 

It took two years and countless trips to Elysburg by Hamilton to set up the Hall of Fame, gather show cases and memorabilia. The first inductions of shooters and gun clubs took place at the June, 1988 Pennsylvania State Shoot. They included Andy Long, Steve Crothers, Walter Beaver, Mary Christopher, Frank Little and Orville Eberly.

A year later Hamilton established the Pennsylvania Trapshooter of the Year award. Gun clubs were also inducted, starting in 1989.

2016 Pennsylvania State Champions, Elysburg, June 13-19, 2016

Bob McBride

Luke Cowart

Donald Schaffer Jr.

Debbie Ohye Neilson

Donald Schaffer Jr.

.2015 Pennsylvania High Average Leaders, Men and Women

Ian Fleming
High Singles Ave.
98.88 (Male)


Ian Darroch
High Doubles Ave.
95.83 (Male)


Scott Holdren
High Handicap Ave.
92.50 (Male)

Debbie Ohye Neilson
High Doubles Ave.
95.42 (Ladies)

High Singles Ave.
98.52 (Ladies)

Debbie Ohye Neilson
High Handicap Ave.
92.03 (Ladies)

Arguably the greatest ATA singles shooter in history, Steve Crothers.
 He shot the first 200x200 at the Grand American in 1925, and the
  first 200x200 at the Pennsylvania State Shoot in 1930. 
He also won 14 state singles titles plus the CTC in 1925.
He was also state singles runner-up 7 times.

First HOF induction ceremonies, 1988. Gene Anastasio
inducting Frank Little.... Earlier in the program, Andy Long
became the first person to be inducted into the HOF.
Also in the photograph were, left to right, Mary Christopher, Dr.
Louis Wolf
, Woody Brown, Ray McKissick, Richard Hamilton.

Two photographs of legendary Pennsylvania shooters around 1932.
Left to right: Walter Beaver, Steve Crothers, Charlie Newcomb
and Crothers daughter Alice Crothers.

Walter Beaver (left) and Steve Crothers (right) in a historic photograph taken during
their 1934 Pennsylvania clay target championship shootoff at the South End Gun Club
in Reading, PA. Both ATA Hall of Famers broke 199x200 in the program. Than Beaver
broke another 50 straight in the two round shootoff to defeat the defending state champion,
50-47. The previous year, in the rain, at York, PA, Crothers won the title and Beaver
 finished second. Crothers had won four straight clay target championshipís prior to
 the shootoff. Beaver went on to win four of the five major state championships at the
shoot. The previous year he also won the Grand American Handicap.

Steve Crothers congratulating Walter Beaver for winning the 1934 state clay target title
at the South End Gun Club in Reading , PA. Both broke 199x200, than Beaver broke another
50 straight in the shootoff (above) to defeat the defending champion, Steve Crothers, by three targets.
Sportsmenís Review reported that over 2000 people watched the historic shootoff.  


Brinton Lake Gun Club in Concordville, PA during the 1938 Pennsylvania State Shoot.
The club was near Philadelphia. Notice the puller using his pipe release to throw
the targets. He is standing in a pit.
Walter Beaver won the clay target title,
breaking all 200. During the tournament the hot shooting fireman from Conshohocken, PA
downed 499 straight singles targets. 

June 20th, 1953. South End Gun Club firing line during the 1953 state clay target
championship won by S. W. Seybold of Marienville, PA after a four way shoot-off 
of 198ís.It was his second straight singles title. The following day 27 years old Robert Diefenderfer
of Reading won his only state handicap title. Orville Eberly won his fourth doubles title
that same day. Seybold won the HAA and Eberly won the HOA.     

Pennsylvania ís two super shooters. Sonya Miller of Alburtis , PA. on the left 
and Anna Mae Eberle o
f Pittsburgh on the right. Between the two they have won 48 state
championships and have been selected  to 60 All State Teams. Both have dominated
the ladies during the modern era of the PSSA. Although their championship years are
 behind them, both are still active and still shoot at all the PSSA shoots at Elysburg.   


George Newmaster of Myerstown , PA shown with some of his hundreds of awards
he won during his career. Shown are
11 major state shoot trophies including one handicap,
one singles, three doubles, three HAA and three HOA. He also won seven major Eastern Zone
titles plus the top award in the zone class singles class championship six times. He also won
three singles and two doubles titles at the Westy Hogans when they were shot in Atlantic City .  

Fred Coleman of Hegins , PA , the first great PSSA flyer and clay target champion.
He won many of the early flyer state championships at the early state shoots,
including the last one in 1907. Coleman also won the clay target titles in 1903
 in Philadelphia and 1905 in Pittsburgh . The famous labor day pigeon 
in Hegins , PA was named in his honor.

Photograph of legendary Elmer Shaner, the dean of
modern day trapshooting. ATA and Pennsylvania
Hall of Fame inductee. 

Elmer Shaner, Slippery Rock, burning the ATA mortgage
at Vandalia in 1935. Looking on is Charles Brennan,
the mayor of Dayton, Ohio.

Kitty Boyer, Mt. Carmel. Ms. Boyer won the
1928 ladies Clay Target Championship at Vandalia.


1933 Grand American shootoff between Ned Lilly (near) and Walter Beaver.
Beaver won the shootoff from the than maximum distance of 25 yards.

Early 1920's view of the ATA grounds in Vandalia. There are 22 trapfields.
By 2005 when the shooting plant was closed there were 100 trapfields. This
was the first aerial photograph of the world famous  ATA homegrounds. 

Ashland Gun Club, 1928. Group picture of shooters at the
Pennsylvania State Shoot.

1994 at Elysburg. This squad is the only perfect squad in state history.
All 5 broke 100x100. Left to right, Mike Hoover, Dan DeDionisio,
David Bish, John DiFabio and John Worner. 

1910 Interstate Asso. Eastern Handicap shootoff. Standing at 23 yards, Charles
wins the title, held at the Edge Hill Gun Club in Philadelphia. Photo
is over 100 years old. Puller and scorekeeper outlined in red circles.
Photo from the Richard Hamilton collection.

1906 Pennsylvania State Shoot at Williamsport. Left is Charlie Newcomb
and right is Harry Buckwalter. They were the two man team winners of the
"Milt Lindsley Two Man Team Cup" sponsored by the King Powder Company.
Back in the day this title was very prestigious. 

Again, Mr. Newcomb (left). This time at the 1914 Southern Handicap.
This is his squad, number 21. Holding the squad number is ATA
Hall of Famer Johnny Jahn. Johnny Jahn was
shooting in only his second year.

Elmer "Single Trigger" Miller, inventor of the single trigger, shown
at the 1932 Grand American where he won two singles class awards.
Miller lived in Millersburg, PA.

Between 1963 and 1968 a member of this squad won the state
singles championship. Four of the five are in the PA Hall of Fame.
(Left to right): Mahlon Schwar, Bob Diefenderfer, Al Godshall,
Bill Hunsberger and Jim Stine

Another squad at another time. All five are in the Pennsylvania
Trapshooting Hall of Fame. This 1992 squad picture shows all the
major state champions in 1992. Emerson Bornman (top left),
Steve Huber (kneeling, left),
Handicap and Frank Little (top center) Singles, HAA and HOA.
Others are Mel Krepps (kneeling, right) and Woody Brown (top right).

United States Olympic Trapshooting Champions, all ATA shooters.

James Graham
1916 Olympic Champion

Donald Haldeman
Souderton, PA
1976 Olympic Champion

Mark Arie
1920 Olympic Champion

1931 program at Bradford Gun Club.
June 24-26, 1931
Steve Crothers won 4 of the 5 major
titles at this shoot. The next year he
would win them all.

1932 program at North End Gun Club.
June 16-18, 1932
This was the shoot Steve Crothers
won all 5 major titles, the only time
this was done in state shoot history

Her are 16 trapshooting legends. How many can you name?
Five are from Pennsylvania and are enshrined in the PSSA and ATA Halls of Fame.

Click here for answers