3 Best Shell Catchers for Shotguns

A brass catcher conveniently catches ejected shells to prevent scattering. Let’s look at a few best ones:

Best Shotgun Brass Catchers

Birchwood Casey Save-It Shell Catcher for Standard 12 Gauge Shotguns

Birchwood Casey Save-It Shell Catcher for Standard 12 Gauge Shotguns, for Beretta A400 12 Gauge
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The Birchwood Casey Shell Catcher is designed for the Beretta A400 12 gauge gun and similar shotguns. This catcher can be attached to the bottom of the ejection port and catches empties easily for reloading.

One drawback we faced was that it does not attach itself properly sometimes and pops off, making the empty shells fly. It also loosens a bit after 100 rounds of shooting. We ended up using tape and a rubber band to keep it intact after the brass catcher started to wear off.

We also found that it was incompatible with the A400 Extreme Plus. All in all, it is a good product that might need slight modification. You get what you pay for as it’s pretty affordable.

  • Fits Standard 12 Gauge Shotguns
  • For Beretta A400 12 Gauge
  • Hooks to the bottom of the ejection port.
  • Shells must be loaded base first and unloaded through the opening at the front end of the catcher.
  • Catches single shotgun empties and allows you to save them for reloading

Carison Auto Catcher

Carlson Auto Catcher Shell Catcher for Semi Auto Shotguns
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The Carison Auto Catcher is an all-steel shell catcher that prevents empty shells from being scattered. You can easily stick this to the gun using the double-sided tape provided. However, we did find that it did not stick as well to guns with a matte finish.

This shell catcher did not scratch or damage any of our guns, although we did require adjustment for use with most 12-gauge semi-autos.

We tested this shell catcher with our Browning Silver using Challenger 12 ga. (1oz, 1150ft./second) and the catcher held up well. However, when we switched to Estate (1-1/8 oz,1145 ft./second), we noticed the catcher missed a lot of hulls.

After a few shots, the metal base started to bend a little. We had to reshape it to keep the wire in position for each shot, and that was pretty inconvenient. This is a good catcher for those that do not intend to use it for heavy-duty shooting.

  • Prevents empty hulls from being ejected
  • Holds empty holds for easy removal and saving
  • Sticks to the run with removable, softly padded, double sided tape
  • Wont scratch or harm your guns finish
  • Adjustable to fit different loads and guns where needed

Kapow Outdoors Shell Catcher for 12 and 20 Gauge Semi-Auto Shotguns

Kapow Outdoors Shell Catcher for 12 Gauge Semi-Auto (1-Pack)
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The Kapow Outdoors Shell Catcher is a matte black catcher with a non-glare finish. It works well for right-handed, single trap shooting using 12 gauge guns. While hunting or shooting doubles, you can move the catcher wire to the down position.

We tested this catcher with the CZ 1210 shotgun and Remington 1100, and it worked well. We were able to catch about 172 out of 175 rounds while using it with the Remington. We made sure it was installed straight and was pushed back ⅛ of an inch like on the instructions.

However, we had to make some alterations to make it work with the Benelli Vinci. After a few rounds, the arm started to act up, and we had to bend the metal parts of the bracket to keep it in place. It did not work well with the Beretta A400 Xcel or Fabarm L4S Sporting. So, overall it’s a good product; however it doesn’t work well with some guns.

  • Catches empty casing as it ejects
  • For trap shooting – singles only
  • Use with 12-gauge semi-auto
  • Matte black, non-glare finish
  • For right-handed use