Best Trap Shooting Gloves of 2023

A nice pair of trap shooting gloves can make you comfortable even on the chilliest of fall. Here are some of the options for you to consider.

10 Best Trap Shooting Gloves of 2023

1. Bob Allen Shooting Gloves

Bob Allen Shooting Gloves (Brown, X-Large)
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The purpose-built Bob Allen shooting gloves feature an electric mesh body with fine detailing of premium suede at the palm area. It enhances the grip around the shotgun.

Tried and tested in all weather conditions, including snowy winters, these shooting gloves are durable and last long.

This pair comes in black color and three different sizes: small, medium, and large. You can easily adjust the fitting around your wrists with its hook and loop closure.

These gloves are easily washable, so don’t worry if you stain them or drop them in the mud during your shooting trip.

2. MacWet Unisex Climatec Gloves

The MacWet gloves are best suited for people who enjoy clay shooting. These full-finger gloves are available in two different styles: Long cuff and short cuff.

They are specially made from climate fabric, so you do not have to worry about your hands getting cold in extreme weather conditions.

The glove has 3 layers: a water-resistant outer layer, a wind-resistant core, and a comfortable fleece lining on the inside.

Moreover, the gloves are easily washable, but tumble drying is not recommended for them.

Remember to take these with you on your next trip when going trap shooting.

3. PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Alpha Gloves

PIG Full Dexterity Tactical (FDT) Alpha Gloves - Black - Large
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Maximum dexterity in clay shooting is an advantage, and these lightweight full-finger gloves are designed to aid you with accurate and fast shooting.

The material on the trigger finger is thin enough to operate a touch screen device and makes shooting easier.

The gloves feature thin knuckle padding, making it easy for you to slide your hand in the pocket.

If you don’t like jammed seams, you should try this pair, as it has roll-over fingertip stitching.

The inner material is breathable, and the outer side is made from suede, ensuring durability in all seasons.

4. Beretta Unisex Lightweight Fingerless Shooting Mesh Gloves

BERETTA Unisex Lightweight Fingerless Black/Grey Shooting Mesh Gloves, X-Large
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The Beretta fingerless mesh gloves are light, breathable, and have a unisex design. They are an excellent pick for clay shooting.

The mesh and cotton detailing design make the gloves lightweight and perfect for use in all kinds of weather conditions.

With these gun gloves on, you do not have to worry about your shotgun slipping as they feature a non-slip design around the palm area.

Moreover, the Velcro strap helps in adjusting the gloves to fit exactly to your wrist.

Despite the lightweight design, these gloves offer high-grade protection.

5. Beretta Men’s Mesh Full Finger Shooting Glove

Beretta Men's Mesh Full Finger Shooting Glove, Navy, XX-Large
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These Beretta full-finger shooting gloves are made of 100% polyester and come in navy color.

The mesh fabric facilitates air circulation and makes the gloves perfect for warm weather. They are also lightweight and do not cause any hindrance while shooting.

This pair of gloves is an excellent pick for clay shooting or trap shooting with maximum sensitivity support.

Plus, the textured design on the palm makes your grip extra tight around your shotgun.

6. Mechanix Wear FastFit Coyote Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear: FastFit Coyote Tactical Work Gloves (Large, Coyote)
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These full-finger shooting gloves come in a beautiful brown color and have three different sizes.

If you struggle with sweaty and cold hands, then these tested shooting gloves are an excellent pick for you. The material keeps your hand comfortable and cool.

An elastic cuff at the base of these gloves make it easy to take them on and off, with no fidgeting.

Moreover, the thermoplastic rubber impact on the outer surface offers complete protection.

Its 0.8 mm thick synthetic leather provides the perfect balance between durability and dexterity.

7. Caldwell Ultimate Shooting Gloves

Caldwell Large/X-Large Ultimate Shooting Golves with Breathable Material, Padding, and Touch Control for for Target Shooting, Range, and Hunting
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These full-finger shooting gloves are reliable and use flexible material that offers complete sensitivity and security.

The lightweight and breathable design make them ideal for all weather conditions.

They also come with a leather patch that protects your hands from slide bites. Clay shooters can comfortably wear them, as their hands will not overheat with these gloves on.

The backside is made of elastic, which ensures perfect fit and grip. The design also helps counter gun recoils, making your shooting experience much smoother.

8. Hatch NS430L Winter Specialist Insulated Duty Gloves

HATCH Winter Specialist All-Weather Insulated Duty Glove, Black, Large
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The Hatch full-finger gloves are meticulously designed and tested to offer excellent grip, dexterity, feel, and total control even in cold weather.

These gloves are insulated and also feature a waterproof liner. Moreover, their synthetic palm is designed to provide a better grip.

You also don’t have to worry about keeping these away from water and dirt, as they are easy to clean and disinfect.

If you are going clay shooting in cold weather, these gloves will help keep your hands nice and warm.

9. 5.11 Men’s Touch Screen Competition Shooting Gloves

5.11 Men's Touch Screen Competition Shooting Gloves, Style 59372, Black, XX-Large
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This purpose-built, full-finger pair of gloves features high-quality embossed padding around the knuckles, making them perfect for clay shooting.

You can even use your smartphone without removing the gloves, as they are made of conductive microfiber.

Overall, these gloves are made of synthetic suede, nylon spandex, SBR, etc., which means they can withstand harsh weather.

Plus, these gloves have vented palms and accordion finger flex points, making them perfect for competitive shooting.

10. Mechanix Wear: The Original MultiCam Tactical Work Gloves

Mechanix Wear: The Original MultiCam Tactical Work Gloves (Large, Camouflage)
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If you are looking for light and protective gloves that fit perfectly, these are what you need.

With a thermal plastic rubber hook and loop closure, these gloves are easy to wear and adjust.

They also feature D30 palm padding, which seamlessly dissipates high-impact vibrations.

The gloves are designed to keep your hands at the optimum temperature to prevent discomfort.

Clay shooters can also take advantage of the camouflage pattern of these shooting gloves as they are an excellent disguise in various light conditions and environments.