Best Clay Targets of 2023 for Trap and Skeet Shooting

Whether you are an amateur or experienced shooter, we have a list of the best clay targets that will help you hone your shooting skills.

3 Best Clay Targets

White Flyer Biodegradable Targets

Case of White Flyer Biodegradable Targets
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In this package, you will get 180 clay targets made of clay. The number of birds in a single box will surely be enough for you to enjoy a day-long practice session. All the products are eco-friendly and safe to use around animals, from construction material to paint. The composition is biodegradable, meaning 95% of a clay target is expected to break down in just two years if frequently exposed to heavy rainfall.

If you’re unwilling to waste these targets, you can also include them in powdered form in any compost. These targets are also likely to break down quickly in humid weather conditions. Hence, these targets cannot be considered waterproof.

Whether you are an expert shooter or a newbie, these targets will equally benefit you. These clay pigeons break very quickly when you hit them with shotgun pellets. However, many targets usually arrive broken due to improper handling and inadequate packaging because of their fragile nature.

Thus it adds to the loss of money and puts you in a hectic cycle of returning or exchanging the parcel. To avoid shipping damage, we recommend you purchase them directly from a store or ask the online seller to dispatch them in custom packaging to avoid shipping damage.

These clay targets have a bright orange color which is easily visible from afar. With better color visibility, you will be able to shoot them more precisely in cloudy as well as sunny weather. They work for both handset and automatic trap thrower setups.

Moreover, these targets seem a bit overpriced for the quality and fragility they offer. They are not reusable and are also prone to breakage during transit. But if you are willing to buy them from a store, you can avoid these cons and get your hands on some handy targets.

White Flyer Blackout

White Flyer Blackout All Orange Targets, 108mm, 135ct
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Compared to White Flyer’s biodegradable targets, this pack of 135 clay pigeons promises better fragility and color visibility. When shot, they break very quickly but remain intact during shipping if wrapped and handled carefully. Meanwhile, the non-shot targets are useless as they break upon falling to the ground. Both sides of the target are orange so that you can view and shoot them quickly from a long-range.

Clay is used in manufacturing these biodegradable birds. You can leave their residue to wash away with the rain or add it to compost. Naturally, these targets take two years to decompose if the area receives a good amount of rain. Hence it also indicates that you should not expect these disks to exhibit reliable waterproof capabilities.

If you are concerned about the safety of this planet, you can rely on these eco-friendly targets. They are also free from hazardous elements that could endanger wildlife. Above all, these targets meet the quality standards of the Amateur Trapshooting Association (ATA) and National Skeet Shooting Association (NSSA). Whether you practice with a handset or an automatic trap machine, these targets come in handy for both.

Considering the price point, we can conclude that these clays are highly affordable. Their quality vs. quantity ratio is better than that of previously reviewed clays.

Daisy Shatter Blast Breakable Refill Target

Daisy Shatterblast Breakable Refill Target 2
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A single box contains 60 clay targets, and each has a diameter of 2 inches. They are relatively smaller than the targets mentioned above. The unique paper construction makes these clays stand out, especially regarding frangibility.

They are easily breakable, but the non-shot clays land safely, which allows you to reuse them multiple times. Consequently, this will also save you money. The material breaks down with time, making the clays biodegradable. Also, their construction involves nontoxic additives, so you can be relaxed while using them around kids and animals.

In correspondence to White Flyer targets, the orange paint makes it convenient for shooters to locate these flying clays distantly. Consequently, it reduces the chances of missing any target because of poor color visibility.

The waterproof properties of these clay targets also beat the competition. You can use them during rain as well. Both beginner and pro shooters can opt for these clay targets. Also, they are equally suitable for the handset and automatic trap throwers.

Above all, these clay targets are available at reasonable rates. Besides, characteristics like reusability and waterproof capability make these clays great value for money.

  • Daisy's ShatterBlast Breakable targets are interactive hunter orange, biodegradable and non-toxic
  • The 2" diameter targets are 1/8" thick and shatter when you shoot 'em with BB guns and pellet rifles
  • For use with a ShatterBlast Target Holder or Sixshooter target system sold separetly
  • Great for training young shooters as they can easily see when they hit the target …

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VisiChalk 3 Multi-Color Targets

VisiChalk 3 Multi-Color Targets, 48ct
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These targets have a 2.5-inch diameter, which is very small and inappropriate for a thrower machine. If you are thinking of hitting them with a shotgun or using them for trap and skeet shooting, you should look for other clay options. Plus, while shattering into pieces, they create a smoke of dust, resulting in explosive action.