Champion Easybird Auto-Feed Trap – Tested and Reviewed

Trapshooting is one game that helps us stay connected and allows us to be as competitive as possible. Over the years, we have tried many different trap throwers, but none of them worked as well as the Champion Easybird Auto.

One of my favorite things about this model is its simple yet pleasing design. The construction boasts excellent durability, but more importantly, the simplicity of the design helps in its assembly. I was able to assemble all the pieces by following the clear instructions included.

I was also very pleased with the fact that I could switch my model between auto-feed and pedal mode. When I was looking for a challenge, I could enjoy the auto-feed mode that boasted of a 1-second cycle time. However, my brother, who is still very new to the sport, liked the manual mode more. By having the option to switch between modes, my brother and I could both make use of the same model.

While making the purchase, I knew that I was getting a model that promised a lot of diversity. However, I didn’t know that I could have more fun by making one slight adjustment to the design. Being a skilled shooter though, I felt like a trap without an oscillating base wouldn’t provide long term fun and challenge.

Moreover, I knew that an oscillator would come in handy on days we were competing with my shooting buddies. That being said, I still wasn’t sure whether I wanted an oscillator or a wobbler. Thankfully, the decision I made worked amazingly well for me: both!

Before moving on to the other brilliant features of the model, I’d first like to publicly acknowledge the brilliance of the trap taxi. It’s a strong and very sturdy construction and it allowed me to carry my Easybird Auto wherever I wanted without any hassle.

I also appreciated the 30-amp circuit breaker that protected all the electrical wires and the motor. The model came with the standard capacity of 50 targets with clay sizes varying between 108mm and 110mm. This ensured that I could practice my shooting for at least a couple of hours without reloading.

Champion Easybird Auto-Feed Trap

Despite all the good things, I did find that the feed trap has its limitations.

For starters, I felt that the model was quite expensive and didn’t deliver on some of its promises. It was quite heavy and wasn’t as lightweight and compact as I’d have hoped. Secondly, I was under the assumption that the model would have the plugs for the wireless remote control, as shown in the pictures on Amazon. However, I was disappointed to know that that wasn’t the case either.

Another blow came in the form of a relay. I was shocked to find out that the relay of the Champion Easybird Auto wore out surprisingly soon and thus had to be replaced. Since I had already spent too much money on the product, I wasn’t eager to get a new relay so soon.

Champion Easybird Oscillating Base or Wobbler

The question now is which wobbler should you choose for Champion Easybird, or rather an oscillating base?

After investing in the model, my biggest concern was the kind of base that would suit my trap. I was confused between some of the popular choices. Both of these have been known to be durable and rather strong; however, I wanted a base that would allow me to experiment with my shooting and have fun while I was at it.

My model was compatible with both Easybird wobbler and the Easybird Oscillating base. The former came with a 20-amp circuit breaker and an oscillating base with two arc settings. It also came with a power cord that disconnects quickly.


On the other hand, it was the great oscillating base that I fancied from the start. It was not only very well-constructed, but it also promised a vertical movement range of 25 degrees and a variety of flight paths. But the deciding feature for me was the 3-amp circuit breaker that protected the wires and gear motor of my model.

After I bought the oscillating base, I finally achieved the diversity and variation that I had been hoping for. It threw the clay pieces at different angles and varying lengths using the pedal. So all in all, I was really happy with the decision I had made.

Is Champion Easybird Worth the Money?

The unit isn’t cheap. However, that isn’t to say that I am not entirely satisfied with my choice. Although the model is heavy and doesn’t have a good relay, what it lacks in some ways, it more than makes up for in efficiency and durability.

Although there is a model that throws doubles, I still felt that this trap shooter was suitable for use for multiple people: in this case, me, my brother, and my friends.

Closing Thoughts

Over the years, I have had the experience of using a lot of traps, but there were very few that offered me diversity without making me compromise on the fun part of shooting. So, if I were to make a choice like this again, I’d gladly say yes a thousand times over, just don’t forget to add a wobbler or an oscillating base to your cart.