Champion Wheelybird vs Wheelybird 2.0 Auto-Feed Trap Thrower – Reviewed

Champion Wheelybird 1.0 and its upgraded version Wheelybird 2.0 are two of my most favorite automatic trap throwers. Both have some similarities and differences in the working and results. In this article, I will compare the functionality of these throwers and tell you which one works better for clay-pigeon shooting.

Champion Wheelybird Auto-Feed Trap Thrower

I found this one very easy to handle. Moving it from one place to another was a piece of cake. The reason behind its portability was the lightweight construction. It weighs only 48 pounds. Apart from that, there is a pull handle included in the design for effortless movement.

What I don’t like is that the magazine for holding targets could be better and more user-friendly. Although it holds an impressive 50 clays simultaneously, stacking the clay birds is a bit difficult.

When it comes to launching targets in varied directions or angles, Wheelybird 1.0 never disappointed me. It offers adjustable angles up to 30-degrees. A knob is also available to allow for angle adjustment. It was very interesting to shoot clay birds launched at different angles and it really helped improve my shooting skills!

One thing that compelled me to recommend this device to friends and family is the launching of intact clays. Out of 200 shots, there were hardly four or five broken clay pigeons thrown by the trap thrower. The rest of the targets were undamaged, which makes this thrower truly stand out.

Champion Wheelybird

A remote is provided to help shooters launch the target from a distance. Best of all, the range of the remote is very long. I had no issues using it at a distance of 30 yards or a little more. Thus, remote shooting was no problem for me and my shooting buddies.

If you want to make the most of this thrower, I would recommend you invest in some necessary accessories. I chose to buy a wobbler kit that goes further with target-launching angles and makes the device more versatile. Without a wobbler, shooting with the same angles might feel monotonous after a few shots.

Keep in mind that this unit is powered by a battery that does not come in the package. So, you will have to buy a 12-volt deep-cycle battery to run this device. Moreover, you will need to purchase clay targets as these are not included either.

Champion Wheelybird 2.0 Wireless Trap Thrower

CHAMPION RANGE AND TARGET Wheelybird 2.0 Automatic Trap, Multi (40925)
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This trap thrower has some advanced features compared to its previous model, the Champion Wheelybird 1.0. I found a significant improvement in the stack holder. This component can carry up to 50 clay birds measuring 108mm and 110mm. Moreover, the plastic top of the magazine makes it convenient to access the clay pigeons. But the target cage still has room for improvement. Putting it on requires some effort.

The best part about this thrower is the straightforward assembly. A beginner will also find it very simple to set up the device on the first attempt. For me, assembling the unit was a 30-45 minute task. Also, the instructions in the manual are explained clearly.

This thrower also works with a remote included in the package; I was very excited to launch targets from a long distance!

The delay function also deserves mention. The device has an option to delay the launch of targets so that you are fully prepared for the next shot. You can adjust the delay timings from 0 to 15 seconds. This feature does wonders for shooters like me who prefer practicing alone.

It also allows you to adjust the angles up to 30 degrees. In my opinion, it would be better if you combine a wobbler base with the device. This way, you will get to hit the target flying in random directions, and your aim will also improve.

It runs on a 12-volt battery. So, I recommend you buy a battery as well when you buy the device. A fully charged battery runs the device for a long time: almost 3000 shots on average.

The base has sturdy wheels that facilitate portability. Interestingly, these wheels don’t increase the overall weight of the product, so you can comfortably travel with the thrower.

Final Verdict: Which One is Better?

Both are excellent throwers in their respective domain. But for the sake of comparison, I would give the Champion Wheelybird 2.0 a higher score. It has a better magazine and wheeled cart and takes only a few minutes to assemble. Moreover, the delay feature is outstanding and gives you the time to keep the aim ready for the upcoming target.

  • Wireless remote and foot pedal for custom shooting arrangements
  • Quicker motor allows for ultra-fast 1.75-second cycle time
  • Solid tires for easy transportation
  • Built-in cord wrap securely stores cord
  • Cycle time of 1.75 seconds between throws
  • Hunting range gear skeet & trap Shooting target throwers
  • Removable magazine for compact transportation
  • Holds 150 standard 108mm or International 110mm targets
  • Adjustable throwing ranges
  • Trap Taxiincluded
  • Available with or without Easybird Oscillating Base