Clay Shooting Gear and Accessories: The Complete Checklist

Trapshooters want to spend each minute of their day on the field honing their skills. But one thing that people crave is consistency during performance. If you want to make the most out of your trips and practice, you need some essential clay shooting gear and accessories. Find our complete list below.

clay shooting gear

Essential Clay Shooting Gear and Apparel

If there is one thing that helps you get better at clay shooting, it is investing in the right kind of gear and apparel. When it comes to clothes, bags, and additional accessories, you should not compromise on the money or the research. With in-depth knowledge and a higher budget, you can invest in top-quality gear. This is how, at the end of the day, you will only have the best of everything to boast about.

Eye Protection

For clay shooting enthusiasts, being reckless is not an option. There are instances where unburned powder or pieces of clay bird can enter people’s eyes. You should surely not let any such instance occur with you. This is why one of the first things that you should ever invest in is eye protection glasses.

There are many expensive models on the market, but you don’t need to pay an exuberant amount for glasses. Contrary to what people say, inexpensive models can also prove to be a game-changer for you. It will not only allow for more durability but will also ensure features like shock-proofness. Of course, expensive models have their benefits. They will not only protect you from the sharp rays of the sun and ensure you feel safe while shooting long distances, but you can find this in inexpensive glasses, too.

Furthermore, your friends will advise you to simply use your sunglasses; however, this isn’t really wise to do. This is because a normal pair of sunglasses can break easily. Moreover, most of these are dark and make shooting at any time very difficult. Moreover, for the sake of your shooting practices, you should invest in orange and rose-tinted lenses since they come in handy in all kinds of weather.

Orange-colored lens glasses also make for a good choice. They not only protect you from the sun but also ensure greater visibility and higher performance on sunny days. Blinders are also a great addition for maintaining focus on the target.

Ear Protection

Just like eye protection glasses, ear protection devices are equally important. But this is something not many people pay heed to. During the initial practices, users aren’t really cautious and don’t normally invest in ear protection devices. However, they tend to feel a throbbing pain in their ears gradually, and then they opt for ear protection devices.

Luckily for you, there are loads of earplugs for you to choose from. When properly worn, these ensure better comfort and convenience. With some units, you have to roll the plugs inside and compress them slightly. This ensures that they do not fall off during shooting.

Moreover, some users have invested in their fair share of earmuffs over the years. According to them, these units are much more suitable and offer greater adjustability. The only downside to these is that they offer a relatively lower NRR than most other earmuffs in the market.

shooting Ear Protection

Some shooters also complain about the efficiency of earmuffs. According to them, the main problem with these devices is that they can click against gunstocks, especially when you mount your gun.

Another type of ear protection that’s quite common is digital hearing protection devices. These require frequent charging and are relatively expensive. A lot of users don’t prefer these because they lack functionality. Additionally, they are often pretty large and tend to fall off.

A major downside to all these ear devices is that they prevent you from listening to your fellow shooters. On the field, this can prevent you from bonding well with your colleagues or friends. But all in all, if you are looking to enhance your shooting experience in the field, we recommend you choose a model that sits well with you.

Shooting Vest

When it comes to shooting practice, there is one essential clay shooting gear you should never compromise on:your shooting vest. Over the years, we have tried many famous brands, but very few of them have sat well with us. When choosing a shooting vest, there are some things you need to look for.

The best shooting vest should offer amazing durability and efficiency. It should also be lightweight and must not hinder your speed on the field. The vest you choose should also offer great sweat absorbance. This not only helps you stay cool on the field but also ensures that you remain presentable at all times. On top of that, you must ensure that the vest is easily washable. This way, you will no longer have to spend a lot of time washing these.

Another thing that sets good models from ordinary or bad ones is the inclusion of pockets. Many users crave chocolates on the field and keep them in their pockets. The same goes for other small tools and accessories. Shooting vests that have a variety of pockets usually come in handy during long shooting practices.

There is an alternative to wearing a vest: the shooting pouch. This is relatively small bag and comes with two pockets. You can keep live shells in the top pocket and the empty shells in the other pocket. But many people don’t personally like pouches and hence don’t invest in them either.

Rapid-Application Tourniquet

The first time you will ever use a rapid application tourniquet, you will be amazed. Most units offer universal compatibility.

A rapid application tourniquet is not only extremely small and lightweight, but it can also be used on children, adults, and pets. People usually keep these in their bags or in their pockets. The main purpose of having a tourniquet is that it allows for better blood flow in both your upper and lower extremities. This, in turn, helps you experience more agility on the field.

Recommended Clay Shooting Gear and Apparel

People don’t just invest in the right apparel because they want to remain safe during their shooting excursions. They also want to appear stylish and have fun while practicing. This is why the kind of jackets, gloves, and hats you buy should all reflect your personality. Here’s a small guide that talks about the apparel you need for trap shooting.

Clay Shooting Jacket

When it’s winter, and you want to make the most out of your shooting experience, you should choose jackets. People usually go for waterproof jackets so that external factors like snow and rain don’t stop them from enjoying their shooting practices.

When you are looking for a clay shooting jacket, you should always check for size and breathability. This is because any jacket that doesn’t really fit your body will hinder your performance. You should also look for warm jackets that prevent you from feeling cold.

Shooting Shirt

People usually prefer wearing a shirt or polo shirt during the summer season. This is because these are lightweight and don’t cause the wearer to sweat a lot. Additionally, they are made of jersey cotton, a comfortable material that allows for greater breathability.

Meanwhile, when it comes to the size of the sleeves, most people prefer full-sleeved shirts. Such shirts not only offer better protection against the sun but also ensure that you stay clear of any potential bacteria or germs on the field.


People who go out to practice in harsh weather need gloves more than anyone else. A lot of people find them very uncomfortable on their first try; however, you should always try and give them a second chance. With time, you will realize that they are not only very comfortable but also allow for good functionality. On top of that, you can use a double gun with them easily.

Gloves also make you have a much better grip on the gun. Another reason why people choose to invest in gloves is because of how hot their gun gets after a few rounds. One thing to remember when choosing gloves is that they should ensure great dexterity and enhance your comfort.


People like wearing hats when they are out on the field. One reason is that they have long hair that requires managing. Another reason why hats are so popular is that they prevent any damage caused by harmful rays of the sun.

But protection for the hair is not the only reason people wear hats. They also like to make fashion statements whenever they are out in the open. Most hat enthusiasts have a huge range of collection that matches their shirts in the summer season. Additionally, many people choose to wear baseball caps or even flat caps according to their mood.

So, with the right hat, you can get all the benefits of a hat without compromising on your need to appear good in public.

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Recommended Accessories for Clay Shooting

Apart from proper clothes, you also need to invest in some accessories before you go clay shooting. This is why everything from the pouch to the bag and the recoil pad that you buy should come with a good warranty. Some important accessories you must have include:

Shell Pouch

In almost all of your trapshooting practices, you should make sure to have a good shell pouch with you. This is because these small pouches can come in handy in many situations. You can not only keep your box of shells inside but can also keep other small gear comfortably.

Additionally, most models come with many compartments. This allows you to keep some extra cartridges and empties inside too. Another added advantage of having compartmentalization is that you get to stay organized on your trips. Moreover, since you will probably keep your shells and empties separately, there is very little chance that you will get them mixed up during loading.

shooting shell pouch

Range Bag

Many people confuse a shell pouch with a range bag, but a couple of days on the field and you will know all the difference. A range bag is usually larger and comes in handy when you have to carry relatively larger clay shooting gear with you.

People usually use old blind bags that can carry around five boxes of shells. You can also use it to carry your cleaning rod or even a clearing wad. Not just that, but you can also carry additional items like a choke tube, gun medic, water, or even some snacks and sunscreen.

Shell Catcher

This is yet another piece of essential equipment that you should purchase. This comes in handy when you shoot a trap with any semi-automatic gun. The shooting process results in the hulls potentially hitting the person next to you as they eject out of the port.

You can also use a rubber band that is tied below the receiver. However, most people prefer using a shell catcher. This can easily go onto your gun with sticky tape and be moved out of your way when you are not shooting.

Barrel Rest Toe Pad

This is undoubtedly one of the most important clay shooting gear. You should ideally use a quality barrel rest toe pad because it is reusable and cost-efficienct way to keep your shoes and toes unharmed. The model you should use should snap easily through your shoelace.

A barrel rest toe pad is usually constructed of two 7 mm layers of leather. There is also a small logo on top that makes it appealing. Additionally, you can choose to invest in a 4 x 2.5-inch model because it offers good compatibility. However, remember that barrel rest toe pads often lack durability, so make sure your model can last for a longer period.

Magnetic Cartridge Collector

For most users, a magnetic cartridge collector is probably one of the most expensive investments. It consists of a tube that contains some powder, wadding, and shot. There is also a metalhead with a primer cap in the center.

You might face some difficulty firing the pin at the start. Additionally, a lot of people will get your hopes up. They will make you feel that you are unbeatable with a trap cartridge simply because you will be shooting simultaneously. In reality, that is not the case. You will need a fair amount of practice before you can perfect your technique.

Recoil Pad

People who have had a lot of practice on the field don’t really find a recoil pad very important; however, it does ensure a more holistic practice session. A recoil pad is usually made of rubber, leather, or even foam. It is a soft material that can be attached to a rifle or a shotgun.

People wear recoil pads around their shoulders. This ensures that there is always a soft material between your gun and your shoulder. In many instances, a recoil pad helps you remain safe.

Gun Case

If you like to visit several clay shooting ranges in your vicinity, or if you travel a lot to clay shooting events scattered across the country, at some point or another you will want to invest in a quality gun case. Although soft range bags are also an option, they cannot rival the safety and portability of a lockable hard gun case. There are several factors to consider when choosing a gun case, so be sure not to hasten the decision.

Required Clay Shooting Gear For Your Own Range

This is something that will prove paramount to your shooting game. Having your own range not only helps you hone your skill but also allows you to get much more out of the firearms that you already own. Additionally, you could shoot as much as you want to and in your own free time. Moreover, you could experiment with different techniques without fearing any serious consequences.

clay shooting range


The trap is a device that releases clay targets on the field. People are a bit apprehensive of building their own range because they know how expensive traps can be. However, if you find a unit that allows for greater cost-efficiency and a holistic performance, then it’s all going to be worth it.

You can choose to invest in an electrical unit that comes with an electric motor. This not only ensures that you have clay traps coming in every few seconds but also makes you achieve greater agility on the field.

Clay Targets

Having a trap is useless if you don’t get clay targets. For the sake of your own range, you should buy a plethora of clay targets. The best ones are made from limestone and birch. They are shaped like an upside-down saucer and are very lightweight.

One thing that people are apprehensive about is the quality of these clay targets. A weaker target is not able to withstand being thrown out of the trap. This is why you should go through a considerable amount of research before you choose your clay targets.


Clay shooting is a passion for many people, and they are willing to go to extreme lengths to hone their skills. On your journey, you will realize that paying attention to little things is extremely important. From wearing the proper clothes to using the right gear, you should do everything you can to ensure greater success on the field.

The first few months of trapshooting may be tough. But with time, you will be able to achieve perfection. Here are a couple of tips on how to get started in clay pigeon shooting. Another thing that will help you is building your own range. It may be expensive, but it will also be the best decision of your life.