10 Best Clay Target Manufacturers in the World

To excel in trap or skeet shooting one must choose the best clay targets. Here are the 10 best companies that produce quality clay targets.

Clay Target Manufacturers in the World

1. White Flyer

Currently, White Flyer operates five state-of-the-art target manufacturing facilities throughout the United States to ensure total coverage of the country. White Flyer right now serves the most shooters and clubs. White Flyer aims to exceed customer expectations and keep the ecosystem clean side by side. The White Flyer’s clay target is ATA verified, and they also produce biodegradable targets.

They make 2 types of targets:

1) Black Targets

  • American trap and skeet
  • Sporting clays

2) Pitch Targets

  • American trap and skeet
  • International
  • Sporting clays

White Flyer’s clay targets are used in

  • Olympic competitions
  • NSSA World Skeet Championships
  • ATA Grand American Trap shoot

Boxes of White Flyer clay targets range from 30$-40$.


2. Champion Target

Champion Target started producing clay targets in 1974 as a division of a federal cartridge company. The machines were built locally and are still used to make targets. They use pitch and limestone to make the correct composition of clay targets. Champion pigeon targets are biodegradable. But these targets are not ATA verified yet.

Champions produce trap throwers, metal targets, paper targets, clay targets, hearing and eye protection, and shooting systems. These targets are used in trap, skeet, international, and sporting. Champion targets are priced between $15-30.

3. Lawry

Lawry Shooting Sports Inc. has been producing quality clay targets since 1975. They offer the most uniform, precise, and consistent targets on the market. Their targets are ATA, NSSA and NCSA approved. They supply factory targets at competitive prices around North America. All the targets are non-toxic to the ecosystem, while some of them is also biodegradable.

They produce various types of targets:

  • North American Trap and skeet Targets
  • North American sporting and clay targets
  • International trap and skeet targets
  • Sporting clay targets
  • Flash Targets

These targets are used in trap, skeet, international, and sporting.

4. Laporte

Laporte’s family came into this business in 1927. They made “projector no.1”, a first-hand thrower, for his friends so they could practice hunting in the off-season. The 5 kilo machine was later sold throughout Belgium and France. At the same time, they started producing clay pigeon targets.

Their annual production was one million targets per year, and now it is a million targets a day. In 1990 they started using biodegradable material and environmentally friendly paints to better our ecosystem. It was the first company to introduce biodegradable targets and flash targets.

Laporte produce various types of clay target:

  • Sporting Compak
  • Trench Traps
  • Skeet
  • DTL
  • American Trap
  • Standard Targets
  • Flash Targets
  • Special targets

These targets are used in:

  • ISSF Games-Olympics
  • Competition Pit Olympic Double Trap and Skeet
  • European Championship Sporting Compak
  • World Championship Sporting Compak
  • Hunting Championship Course World
  • European Championship Open Course
  • Continental Championship Open Course
  • Universal Championship Pit


5. CCI International

CCI International has been manufacturing targets since 1982 and maintained leadership in the UK market. They export to countries worldwide and have an annual production of more than 100 million clay targets. Their goal is to meet the shooter’s desire to maximize scores and minimise breakages on the ground owner’s resources.

CCI International uses environment-friendly material to make eco-clay targets that are kinder to the ecosystem and perform better than coal tar. These targets are ATA verified. Consequently, they are the preferred choice of UK’s shooting grounds and some top grounds in other countries.

CCI international produce various types of targets:

  • Standard ClayStardust
  • MIDIMini
  • Battue
  • Auto Rabbit

These targets are used in various disciplines:

  • Sporting/FITASCOlympic Trap
  • Skeet
  • DLT
  • ABT
  • Simulated Game

6. Vivaz Clay Target

Plato Vivaz was founded in 1966 in a village in Spain. Brothers Jesus and Vincente Vaquez wanted to turn their passion into an official profession. They make 100% eco-friendly clay targets with excellent visibility even in worse weather. They maintain a stable flight and steady trajectory.

Vivaz targets are perfectly balanced, with identical weight and geometry. They are also ATA verified.

Plato Vivaz make various types of targets:

  • Natura Standard
  • Eco-Star Standard
  • Regular standard
  • American Trap
  • Extra Rabbitv
  • Battue
  • MIDI-90
  • MINI-60

These targets are used in:

  • Olympic trap
  • Universal Trap
  • Double trap
  • American Trap
  • Skeet
  • Compak Sporting
  • Hunting

A box of orange standard clay targets would cost around 39$.

7. Superstar Clay Target

Superstar clay target was founded in 1975. This company was started by former skeet champion Mr. Jan-Ake Bengtsson. Their sound engineering and clay shooting tradition have developed cost-effective solutions and excellent products for demanding users. These clay targets fulfill the requirements of ISSF, FITASC, and Fedecat. The targets are made from biodegradable material.

They make superstar targets:

  • Standard Clay target
  • Rabbit 320
  • Auto 320
  • Rapid 90
  • Sporting clay targets

These targets are used in trap, double trap, skeet, and sporting clay shooting.


8. Euro Target

It was established in 1980 by individuals with extensive experience in the field shooting sector. It gained a strong position in the market due to its competitive products. They make targets with eco-friendly clay, so it is kinder on the environment yet thrilling for the shooter. Euro target is ATA verified.

Euro Targets makes:

  • Competition
  • Standard
  • ET 2000
  • American Trap
  • Winner
  • Battue
  • Rabbit
  • Super Rabbit
  • Micro 60
  • MINI 70
  • MIDI 90
  • Extra Rabbit

These targets are used in Olympic, Sporting, and American Trap

9. Corsivia

It was founded in Spain in 1974 to manufacture clay targets for sports clubs and national shooting ranges. It produces competitive clay targets for all varieties, colors, and sizes.

The company is certified by ISSF, FITASC, ATA, ACTA, and CSPA. It produces biodegradable clay targets.

Corsivia produces these targets:

    • Patena Extra
    • Rabbit
    • Midi-9
    • Mini-60
    • Conejo-10
    • Mini Rabbit-10
    • Corsivia Innova

These targets are used in:

  • Olympic trap
  • Universal Trap
  • Double trap
  • American Trap

10. Midwest Target Company

The Midwest target company has been a family-owned business since 1976. They make 100% environmentally friendly natural clay targets. Excellent painting of the target makes them unmistakable. They have a perfect fragility when shot. These targets are ATA verified.

They produce various targets:

  • American Trap
  • Skeet
  • Sporting clay target
  • Standard Clay targets

These targets are used in trap, skeet, international, and sporting.