Do-All Outdoors Fowl Play Review – Is It Worth The Money?

Being a passionate trap shooter, I cannot resist to trying out and buying some of the latest hunting and trap shooting gadgets and accessories on the market. My most recent purchase is the Do-All Outdoors Fowl Play Auto Trap Thrower, about which I’ll be sharing my experience with it in the following article.

I’ll talk about…

  • assembling the thrower,
  • loading clays and timing,
  • some common issues and how to resolve them,
  • whether you need additional accessories,
  • and whether it is a worthy investment.


Tested: Do-All Outdoors Fowl Play Auto Trap Thrower

Having tried all sorts of hand throwers and semi-automatic and manually triggered throwers, I thought of trying out the Do-All Outdoors Auto Trap Thrower to make upcoming sessions more enjoyable. However, I came across both negative and positive reviews when I researched the device and was quite confused. I decided to give it a try myself and put an end to the debate.

Let’s start with the assembly. The instructions mentioned in the manual guide were incomplete and vague, so assembly was quite a puzzle. Eventually, YouTube videos helped me get through the task and get the trap thrower working. The setup itself is not complicated, but the unavailability of instructions made it so.

It holds 50 clays altogether and launches one clay at intervals of 2.5 seconds. This timing is consistent, and the delivery of clays is automatic. However, a comfortable foot pedal is also included in the kit, and it quite convenient in practice.

Manufacturers claim that the shooting angles range from 5 to 35 degrees. As far as I have noticed, the product shoots clays at the same angle. I solved this issue with the aid of a wobble kit. Now my thrower launches birds in varied directions, enabling me to polish my shooting skills. I believe this is an indispensable accessory for an enjoyable and challenging day of clay shooting.


I found that the thrower often misloads the clays. However, this is not a deal-breaker. Misloading happens with many high-end models as well. Plus, this issue can be solved by decreasing the pressure on the spring.

I simply connected the thrower to my car’s battery, which kept it running for hours until I returned home. The performance was outstanding, exactly as advertised.

The switch button has room for improvement as it is very loose and requires adjustment soon after it is readjusted. This makes me lose interest in the game sometimes. According to many other reviews, this device breaks the last two or three clays for an unexplained reason. I also faced this situation in the beginning, but gradually I figured out the core issue. It happens when we hook the spring extra tight. So, reducing the spring tension is the key to launching intact targets. The hardness of the surface also enhances the efficiency of the thrower.

The package comes without additional accessories like a battery, battery clamps, clay birds, and extension cord. I recommend you also purchase a wobbler along with these accessories. Some of the package contents arrived damaged, but thankfully, the customer service was very responsive and quickly replaced them for me.


Overall, this product is an excellent thrower and a worthy investment. It works great in combination with a wobble kit and does not break clay targets unnecessarily. Except for unclear instructions and a flimsy switch button, everything in this product won my heart.