Trap Shooting Vests: How to Find the Right Fit?

Being an avid trap shooter I have come across several shooting accessories. Shooting vests are an important accessory as they make shooting safe and easy since you can carry your ammunition in the pockets.

Considering this, I have penned down some important points to help you find the right fit for these vests.

How to Choose a Shooting Vest for Trap Shooting?

Choosing the right trap shooting vest can be tricky as there are so many technicalities involved you do not know what to look for. This is why we have listed and described the features you have to be careful about.

Left Handed and Ambidextrous Shooting Vests

The first consideration for buying these vests is the shooter’s orientation. There are separate shooting vests for right and left-handed people. Vests suitable for your hand orientation help in increasing the comfort and ease of shooting. Since you have to store your ammunition in the shooting vest, the pockets should be easily accessible.

You can make do with a right-handed shooting vest even if you are left-handed. However, this will be tricky and can lead you to missing your target due to delayed shooting. So, it is better to go for a shooting vest that suits your hand dexterity the most.

Another option can be an ambidextrous shooting vest, as both right-handed and left-handed people can use it easily. This is especially great for people who like to go shooting with their friends and might have to share vests.

Recommended Vest for Left Handers

  • Lightweight Mesh Design
  • Rear zippered reloader’s pouch holds 100+ hulls
  • Internal shoulder pocket accepts Shockeater Recoil Pad
  • No-bunch pad
  • Lifetime Warranty

trap shooting vests how to find

Half Vests

A full shooting vest is great, but some people prefer half vests. These vests are fastened around the waist and are highly adjustable. This is why you can share one with your friends and family. Half vests are an amazing option for people who want extra storage space. They offer sufficient storage for all of your cartridges and shotgun accessories. These often come with a large rear pocket that you can make the most out of. These vests are better for summers when you do not want to wear any extra items of clothing.

Women’s Trap Shooting Vests

Women’s trap shooting vests are very similar to those of men when it comes to usefulness. The only difference is in the cuts and design, which helps women wear them more comfortably. These vests also have large pockets to store cartridges and other ammunition. The best trap shooting vests for women are those that offer maximum protection and ease of use. There are many vests now that offer buckles for ear muffs and other shooting accessories as well.

Padding and Reinforcements

Shooting vests do much more than provide storage space for ammunition. They have features like padding and reinforcement that increase their usefulness.

Recoil Pads

While shooting, the recoil of a gun can cause serious injuries to your shoulder, neck, or arm. To avoid this, it is better to go for vests that have recoil pads in them. Recoil pads absorb shock, making it safe for you to position the gun on your shoulder. It is important to have a sturdy material covering the pads to avoid any slips.

Dual Recoil Pads

Dual recoil pads are important for people who have just started practicing trap shooting. They provide extra support to your limbs and shoulders to prevent any mishaps.

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Shoulder Reinforcements

Shoulder reinforcements are another significant detail that you should be mindful of. They help provide firm support to the gun while you are aiming. These reinforcements also help in absorbing shock.

Weight and Warmth

Like all other clothes, shooting vests should also be lightweight and easy to carry. Trapshooting vests come in different fabrics suitable for different weather conditions.

Summer vests are generally of very light fabric to prevent sweating. Half vests and mesh vests are some of the best options for summers.

Winter vests, however, are not as lightweight. There are many material options, including parachute, that help fight cold.


Durability is a major concern for me while investing in any product. This holds for trap shooting vests as well, since they can be costly. And, once bought, they should be able to serve you in all the weather conditions they are exposed to. One of the easiest ways to determine the durability of a shooting vest is to look for a warranty. It tells you how much responsibility the company takes for their product.

How Should a Shooting Vest Fit?

A shooting vest should have a comfortable fit. The best fitting shooting vest does not cause any breathing problems. It should also not restrict your movement, as you need dexterity while chasing your target. You should try different shooting angles while you are considering buying a vest. If you feel any restraint in movement, then you should look for another vest.

Another important consideration in terms of the fitting is adjustability, as it helps you adjust the vest to your current size. If you have a loose vest, then a drawstring can help adjust it to your fit.


The Best for Your Money

Shooting vests have a wide price range depending on their quality and the features offered. They usually cost between $20 and $70. You can get a decent shooting vest at $35 to$40, too. However, if you want to go for better-known brands, you will have to invest more money.

About Other Essential Shooting Accessories

A vest is compulsory for trap shooting, but you need some other accessories for your safety too. You cannot leave behind a recoil pad if your vest does not have one sewed in it. In addition to this, you have to carry earmuffs to lessen the strain on your ears. Wearing protective glasses is also significant as it prevents your eyes from any kind of damage. They also help you focus on the target even when there are fast winds.


To wrap it all up, it is essential to go for trap shooting with the best-quality shooting vest at hand. This not only helps people have a safer shooting experience but also helps carry cartridges. So, I would recommend everyone to get a well-fitting, reliable trap shooting vest.