How to Use a Bore Brush? – Cleaning Your Shotgun Properly

Keeping the shotgun’s bore clean and oiled is very important to maintain the quality and accuracy of the barrel. For that, you will need to have a bore brush and know how to use this tool safely and effectively.

Spray the Original Gun Oil

First of all, spray effective and good-quality gun oil into the interior of the barrel. Leave it on for almost twenty minutes. The oil will dissolve the stubborn gunk, making it easy for you to remove the dirt with a brush.

gun oil sprays

Use Bore Guides

A bore guide is a small tube-like tool used to protect the interior of the barrel and gun chamber. When you pass the brush rod through the bore guide, you can prevent the rod from abrading the surfaces and reaching unwanted points. Also, you won’t have to worry about damaging anything while exerting force on the rod, as the bore guide will keep the rod in a straight direction.

So, always use a bore guide before inserting the brush directly into the barrel. Fix it firmly to the action of the gun.

Prepare the Brush

Before you enter the brush into the bore, there are some things you can do to make this tool more effective. Spray the same oil on the brush and attach it with a long rod for convenient handling. The oil will catch dirt quickly.

Push the Brush All the Way

Now it’s time to push the brush inside the barrel. Pass it through the bore guide. Once the brush appears from the bore guide, attach a cotton swab to its tip and push it into the bore cavity. Avoid moving the brush back and forth. This movement may tarnish the metal finish of the bore and damage the brush as well. So, simply move the brush all the way to the bore. Repeat the process with a new swab every time until the swab returns clean. In the end, oil the bore using the same method.

gun bore brush

Keep the Brush Clean

The brush fittings may wear out and become loose as a result of consistent use. So, clean the brush before every use and remove loose fittings, if there are any. In fact, clean it well once used and store it covered.


With minimal yet timely maintenance, you can extend the life of your gun’s barrel.