Sporting Clay Shooting Glasses/Eyewear

Why Lens Color is Important?

When you are shopping for sunglasses, it is extremely important to pay special attention to the color of the lens. There are a plethora of color options for you to choose from, and each color gives you a unique color. But, at times, people don’t know what color looks good on them and what doesn’t. Here is a list of the top lens colors for you to choose from.

Recommended Trap Shooting Glasses

Some models are better than others. This is precisely because they offer more options at a relatively low cost. We have mentioned one of the best models here. It has a sleek design and offers extra durability. Have a look.

SSP Eyewear Methow 6 Lens RX-Able Trap Shooting Glasses Kit with Black Nylon Frames

Sporting Clay Shooting Glasses/Eyewear

Sporting Clay Shooting Glasses/Eyewear

Shooting glasses are integral to ensuring good performance, and this is one of the best options available. This model stands out because it has a sleek, lightweight design that comes with UV resistance. The nylon matte semi-rimless black frame also helps eliminate any additional glare and ensures greater protection for the eyes.

Moreover, the one-piece polycarbonate wrap design allows for much better coverage. You also get to choose from six different anti-fog lenses for any light condition. The colors include purple, pink, orange, yellow, bronze, and even clear. Furthermore, there are two adjustable full-floating nose bridges for unmatched comfort.

Another feature that buyers love is the kit that comes in the package. There are six lenses, a microfiber cleaning cloth, and a nylon matte black frame. You also get foam lens separators that ensure easy maintenance. There is also a double-injected rubber temple that keeps your glasses in place and ensures they don’t get damaged upon impact.

These shooting glasses also stand out because they enhance your performance on the hunting field and ensure you catch your prey without hurting your eyes. So if you are looking for added comfort without spending a lot, then this is definitely the model for you.


  • Offer full coverage and protection from UV lights
  • Come with two full-floating nose bridges for greater adjustability
  • The kit includes a black frame and six different lens options
  • The double-injected rubber temples keep your glasses in place
  • Sleek lightweight UV resistant TR90 nylon semi-rimless frame eliminates glare
  • 1-piece polycarbonate wrap-around lenses offer full coverage and all are 100% UVA and UVB rated
  • Accepts TR90 RX clear adapter for prescriptions (Sold Separately)
  • Six (6) interchangeable HD lenses with permanent anti-fog lenses for varying light conditions (clear, yellow, orange, purple, pink and bronze) …

Nine Basic Lens Colors


Among all the colors, amber is one of the most highly sought-after colors. You are not recommended to wear this color lens on a cloudy day or when there isn’t a lot of light in your surroundings. Both amber and related shades work best on sunny days when there is a lot of light. Amber also helps improve depth perception and allows you to see at a distance clearly.


Blue is a very popular lens color, and a lot of people are drawn to it. It mostly works wonders when you want to enhance the contours around any objects or when you want to enhance your color perception. Moreover, it adds a calming effect to your eyes. You can also reduce glare during sunny weather with blue shades. The color works best when you want to enjoy water sports or leisure activities.


Brown is usually a color that is selected when people have to wear their lenses for longer durations. The color is very helpful in low light situations or at sunset because it makes the environment appear much brighter than it really is. Moreover, it enhances the contrast between objects, thus ensuring you don’t get bothered by hazy or foggy conditions.


Clear lenses or non-prescription glasses are a common choice among people who just want to escape harsh sunlight. Such lenses are most commonly used for image enhancement and eye protection. So in a way, they are used to protect or correct your eyes rather than decorate them.


Grey is often considered a neutral tint and lets you see all the colors in your surroundings in their purest forms. This means that if you are looking to wear a lens during driving or outdoor sports, this color will work best for you. It is also a top choice when it comes to cloudy or sunny weather. It provides you with the best protection from the glare caused by water or snow. Green also offers similar benefits, but one area where it excels in is visual sharpness. It produces very sharp images without you having to focus too much on the sight.


Orange, though not very popular, is still recommended for a variety of purposes. The color is very comforting to the eyes, especially if someone wants to wear their glasses for longer durations. Moreover, shooting glasses that come with a red tint can easily reduce eye strain by blocking blue or intense light from the surroundings. Moreover, if you are shooting in harsh weather or in snow, wearing this color will help reduce pressure on your eyes.


Pink lenses are more common among teenagers or young adults while they shoot in the field. Pink and similar shades help provide greater comfort to the eyes and also help them adjust to any changes in the surroundings easily. Moreover, this color is great for increasing the depth of vision and field. Rose-tinted colors also help enhance visibility on cloudy days. Apart from shooting, you can also wear this color when you are using a computer or gaming for longer hours.


Purple is an interesting choice of color. Despite being similar to blue, it has some prominent differences. The best thing about purple shooting lenses is that they enhance color perception and allow you to see the objects around you clearly. Moreover, they offer protection against any reflective surfaces like snow, thus ensuring greater comfort during foggy weather.


Yellow and orange-colored lenses are often placed under the same category; however, many differences between the two suggests otherwise. You can use a yellow shooting lens when you want to reduce the eye strain to a greater degree. Moreover, a lot of players, as well as target shooters, prefer yellow lenses because it aids vision and enhances clarity with which you see your target.

Lens Color for Trap, Skeet or Clay Shooting

If you are looking for something for trap, five-stand, or even clay pigeon shooting needs, there are some obvious choices of colors that work wonders. One of the best options for these situations is yellow. This is because yellow reduces eye strain and ensures you see things clearly.

You can also opt for purple or blue colors that enhance the contouring of objects and highlight the contrast between objects in your surroundings. Lastly, you can opt for clear lenses if you have short eyesight and want to indulge in trap shooting for longer durations.

Skeet shooting is one of the most exciting yet competitive shooting activities that participants indulge in. It makes use of shotguns that are used to break the clay. These targets are flung mechanically into the air, and then the shooter tries to aim at them. Since this activity requires a lot of attention to detail and focus, you should choose a clear or orange lens for greater visibility. You can also go for amber or brown colors if you are shooting at night or in low light settings.

Do I Need Specialty Shooting Glasses?

Shooting is an exciting activity and one that requires a lot of skill and patience. You can chase a target for hours in a day, and for this, you will need a good amount of practice. It is hence advised that you choose specialty shooting glasses for the activity. They offer a range of color options so you can enhance performance without compromising on your style.