What Is 5-Stand Shooting?- Shotgun Shooting Sports

Among the numerous games available at sporting and shooting clubs, this guide is on 5-stand shooting, a mixture of trap and skeet shooting.

What Is 5-Stand Shooting?

5-stand shooting is a sport that merges trap and skeet shooting together. This sport features a line of five “stands” placed side-by-side and a few feet apart for the shooter, along with launches. These launches are situated on the shooter’s front, back, and sides. The shooter is then provided with five targets at each station, making it a total of 25 targets to shoot at different distances and angles.

Five Stand Shooting: The Basics

When it comes to understanding five-stand shooting, you need to know what it exactly looks like. Around six to eight target throwers are planted strategically throughout a field to release the targets in a predetermined sequence.

Furthermore, there are five stations enclosed in a cage and placed side by side at an equal distance. The cage enclosure limits the angle of shooting targets. The target sequence is marked onto the menu card and placed in front of each shooting cage.


Each station has five targets. After completing a station, you can move on to the next one clockwise.

Now that you know what a five-stand shooting field looks like, here are some basic rules to follow when changing stations and shooting targets:

  • The gun should be empty and open when changing stations.
  • Load the gun only when you are in the shooting stand in a ready position.
  • You should post the target sequence menu cards.
  • Do not leave the station until the referee instructs you to do so.
  • Station 1 moves to stations 2, 3, 4, and 5 clockwise. The shooter on station 5 will return to station 1.
  • Wait for the “Start” command to begin shooting.
  • The squad leader will shoot first in each round.

Tips For 5-Stand Shooting?

Some tips you need to keep in mind for five-stand shooting include the following:

  • Make sure to keep your eyes on the bead front sight to align the gun and hit the target easily.
  • Keep your weight balanced on your front foot as it helps in swinging and shooting.
  • Try to keep your shotgun swinging during this sport to shoot the moving target without missing it every time.
  • Most people usually get very stiff when shooting and miss their target. Hence, try to relax your shoulders and muscles and take deep breaths to achieve a perfect hit when shooting the target.

How Is 5-Stand Different Than Trap Or Skeet Shooting?

It is commonly said that if you put trap and skeet shooting into a blender, you get 5-stand shooting. Most people find 5-stand shooting more fun and exciting than trap shooting. Unlike skeet shooting, it launches targets in various patterns.

Furthermore, this shotgun game is much better than sporting clays as it is cheaper and faster. 5-stand shooting is an excellent activity for hunters since it helps polish their skills while working on targets at different angles. It also provides simulation for various targets such as quail, ducks, even fleeing rabbits, etc.