What is a Shell Catcher?

Shell catchers are used to catch the ejected cartridges during shooting for reuse.

What is a Shell Catcher?

A shell catcher, also known as a brass catcher or brass trap, is a device that catches emitted cartridge shells. There are many different kinds of shell catchers available. Depending on user choice, they can purchase bags, pouches, or boxes.

Why Use Brass Catchers?

A brass catcher does not only prevent shell scatter. Below are some other reasons why it is wise to invest in a brass catcher:

  • Some firearms eject cartridges at a projectile distance, 3 to 4 meters away, which can cause the shells to hurt someone nearby or distract shooters around you.
  • The ejected cases are hot to touch, and it is not easy to collect them immediately using bare hands. If these hit someone, they can cause irritation and burning.
  • Cartridges can bounce off hard surfaces like concrete walls and floors. This impact can cause denting, and you cannot reuse the cartridge. Reusing cartridges is a smart way to decrease cost, especially when prices are at an all-time high.


Types of Shell Catchers


Shell catcher bags can be made up of metallic net or mesh. They can be connected to ports of rifles such as the Picatinny rail of AR rifles. These can also be connected to the ejection port of a gentleman’s rifle.


Box shell catchers are usually plastic and are attached to the ejection ports. These are the most expensive options but are pretty durable and long-lasting.


Stationary, unattachable brass traps are the most versatile option. You can use them for a firearm with any caliber as they have their own standing frame. These brass catchers are placed on the ground beside the shooter and moved along with them.

What are Shell Catchers Made Of?

Different materials have different appeals. The main idea is to catch the maximum number of ejected shells while being heat resistant.


  • The most common material for brass catchers is a net or mesh enclosed bag. Mesh bags are heat resistant and can be used with any weapon.
  • Another option is plastic boxes. They may be expensive, but plastic boxes are heat-proof, shatter-resistant, and durable brass catchers. You can find them in many colors and designs.
  • Net catchers are equipped with a steel frame that prevents brass catchers from being knocked down by a strong gush of air. They are durable and heat-resistant. Net catchers are placed on the side and can be used for any firearm.